As a serial arts and crafts hustler, I had to learn the hard way not to get a business license first. I read the blogs, and they tell you to dive in headfirst. Not this blog. I encourage my clients test the water first. Getting a business license before you’ve made a sale is positive thinking, and if you have the money to blow, I encourage getting one because I do believe in the power of positive thinking, but for my customer base, it’s a decision to make with some consideration.

As a coach, my mission is to help my…

It’s the newly emergent artist conundrum: to get into shows, you need a resume; to have a resume, you need to be in shows. I started my career as an artist in Los Angeles, thousands of miles from where I attended art school. I had no connections in town. Less than a decade later, my work has appeared in print, it has been shown nationally, and is even a part of a prestigious art collection. Here is how I started.

Don’t knock the internet.

When I first came to town, all I really had was Craigslist. The first shows I participated in were through…

Considering that art comes in every shape and form, deciding what should go on your wall can be a daunting undertaking. Here we’ll address choosing the right style of art for your specific room style, whether you should buy original art or reproductions, and whether to go big or create a gallery wall.

What kinds of art do you like and what interior design style will your room have?

In our online art consulting practice, we use a visual quiz to pinpoint the style of art a client likes. Here is a short list of artistic styles to consider when establishing your taste: painterly, street art, abstract, minimalist, landscape, portraiture. Interior design styles have some overlap…

As an art consultant specializing in undiscovered local artists, I click on a lot of websites. Good artist websites create sales for artists just by existing in cyberspace. Here’s how.

They provide a sampling of the artist’s most recent work.

It’s important to list information like title, size and material, for each piece, but also availability. Artists who update whether their images are ‘sold’ or ‘available’ prevent what I call “art abandonment.” A client will want to purchase a work of art, but they get cold feet when we have to wait until the artist gets back to me to let me know that the painting is still available.

The photos display the artwork as an an objects d’art.


In my art consultant practice, I specialize in undiscovered local artists. I relish in finding a fresh style on a coffee shop wall. My client base is primarily non-elite, and I specialize in finding gallery worthy artists in the early stages of their career, when their work is the most affordable. As the art consultant for the people, I seek to represent every truly good up and coming artist I came across. Unfortunately, a few things keep me from representing an overwhelming percentage of the artists I discover, no matter how much I like their work.

1. No Name or…

Art Cricket

Art consultant for the people. Making art collecting accessible and helping artists.

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